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القاهره الجديده , التجمع الخامس, شارع التسعين الشمالي

 (HCC) خلف المستشفي الجوي مبني 

 Clinics 211-212

مواعيد العمل :يوميا من 11صباحا -10مساء عدا الجمعه

 تليفون ؛ 01009403030


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عياده أسنان إيليت التجمع الخامس, أفضل دكتور اسنان، دكتور اسنان شاطر، دكتور اسنان التجمع الخامس، عياده اسنان التجمع الخامس

Dental Clinic New Cairo | Dental Implants New Cairo | Dentists in New Cairo | دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس | عياده أسنان في التجمع الخامس

احجز الآن مع أفضل دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس    في أفضل مركز أسنان 

تجميل الاسنان في عياده اسنان إيليت التجم

تجميل الاسنان
أ.د.محمد منير

تجميل الوجه في عياده أسنان إيليت

تجميل الوجه

د.نوري عادل

طب أسنان الأطفال في مركز أسنان إيليت

طب أسنان الأطفال

أ.د.جيهان علام

د.روان عمرو

Root Canal treatment at elite dental clinics

حشو العصب

حشو الاسنان التجميلي

أ.د.محمد منير

زراعه الاسنان في مركز إيليت

زراعه الاسنان
جراحه الوجه والفكين
د.احمد بهاء
د.محمد المصري

Teeth Braces In Elite Dental Clinics

تقويم الاسنان

أ.د.أحمد أبو النور

تركيبات الاسنان مع د.محمد منير

تركيب الاسنان

أ.د.محمد منير

طب أسنان الاحتياجات الخاصه

طب أسنان القدرات الخاصه

د.ماجي هاني

"Dental Clinic New Cairo" "Dental Implants New Cairo" "Dentists in New Cairo" "دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس" "عياده أسنان في "التجمع الخامس

"Dental Clinic New Cairo" "Dental Implants New Cairo" "Dentists in New Cairo" "دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس" "عياده أسنان في "التجمع الخامس

"Dental Clinic New Cairo" "Dental Implants New Cairo" "Dentists in New Cairo" "دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس" "عياده أسنان في "التجمع الخامس

"Dental Clinic New Cairo" "Dental Implants New Cairo" "Dentists in New Cairo" "دكتور أسنان في التجمع الخامس" "عياده أسنان في "التجمع الخامس

Infection Control

         Oral hygienic measures are well applied , including four-handed technique surfaces disinfection, and instruments decontamination process to prevent airborne, droplet and blood infection. Infection control protocol  is of  main concern at Elite Dental Clinics.

Elite Experts

All Dental care branches, are performed at Elite Dental Clinics in New Cairo. Our team represents qualified consultants and specialized dentists in New Cairo to perform excellency  in all dental treatment branches, read more about how to choose expert dentists in New Cairo

Join Our Community

          Join our patients community and take the advantages of;

- Morning and night  Appointments

- Guaranteed dental treatment

- Best prices for high technology services

- No Pain No fear  visits ,call us

High Technology Services

          We provide our patients by latest dental technology through using of updated equipment, world class dental materials, and digital radiographs. Laser-assited dentistry, Digital Scanning, CAD CAM technology for  crowns and  veneers,  and magnification.

3 Operating Clinics

At Elite Dental Clinics, 3 highly equipped dental clinics for all dental care branches are available for our patients. A special dental clinic for our kids is designed to remove fear and anxiety from dentist's visits.  

elite services

Elite Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry / Beauty begins with A Smile

    Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, our Professor Mohamed Mounir combines art with science to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. He offers an array of services includes digital smile design, laminate veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic fillings, gum contouring. Know more about Hollywood smile, cost, gallery, procedure, and teeth veneers.

   If you are ready to transform your smile, increase your self confidence, contact us now to schedule your appointment.

Oral And Maxillofacial surgery/ Implants and more

 Our Consultant Dr. Ahmed Bahaa, Dr. Hatem Matar  and Dr. Mohamed ElMasry perform many type of surgeries in face, mouth and jaws as removal of impacted teeth, cleft palate, trauma, dental implants, and full mouth rehabilitation, discover more about Dental implants, cost, and procedure.

Elite Dental surgeons represent clever oral surgeons in New Cairo. Schedule your appointment if you wish to replace your missing teeth or remove your wisdom teeth.

Facial Esthetics/ Go Beautiful

 Our Elite Aesthetic Specialist Dr. Noury Adel can enhance appearance of age wrinkles in the face  e.g. forehead lines, around eyes, neck, and hands, and more. He also performs   a wide variety of facial look enhancements as Lip contouring or enlargement, Chin appearance, and Jaw Line demarcation. See Facial Esthetic Gallery by Dr. Noury and  schedule your appointment  for facial aesthetic consultation.

Teeth braces/ Align your teeth 

At Elite Dental Clinic, all types of teeth braces are performed by Prof. Ahmed Abo El Nour  as visible and non visible appliances, with best prices and payment installments. Watch Dr. Ahmed Abo El Nour discusssion  more about differences between types of teeth braces. 

Pediatric Dentistry / No More Fear

       With our consultants and specialized pediatric dentists, comfortable visits in special kids dental clinic with no fear and pain are performed. Psychological management of children is main at Elite Dental Clinic, and all treatment modalities for our children teeth are performed.  Know more about how to care of your children teeth.



Restore Your Teeth /  Fillings and more

Broken Teeth can be restored by fillings, post and cores, inlays, Overlays and crowns. At Elite Dental Clinics, you can restore your broken teeth in only one hour. Inlays, Onlays, all types of crowns and bridges as porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, Emax can be constructed in only 24 hours. Discover more about different types of teeth restoration, materials, prices, and choice.

Root Canal Treatment / No More Failure

       In Only 1 visit, root canal treatment can be done with tooth final  restoration. Retreatment of failed previous root canal treatment is performed at Elite Clinics by the aid of magnification, CBCT, digital X-rays with more than 95% success rate. Read more about teeth fillings, root canal treatment , inlays and crown in Elite Dental Clinics New Cairo.



Full Mouth Rehabilitation / includes

Our Elite Consultants can work in coordination to provide our patients with treatment plans for replacement and restoration of full arch dental restorations. Full arch  bridges based on (4-6) implants in each edentulous jaw can be performed by our elite experts in less time, with high technology and guaranteed dental treatments.

Restore your full arch now, Schedule your appointment now with our dentists.

Elite expert dentists
Elite Expert Dentists

Meet Elite Team

Dr.Mohamed Mounir

Prof.Mohamed Mounir,CEO

          BDS, MSC, Ph.D

           Professor at college of Dentistry             Cosmetic Dentistry Consultant 

              استشاري تجميل الأسنان

Dr.Ahmed Bahaa

DR.Ahmed Bahaa


Oral and Maxillofacial  Consultant


استشاري جراحه الوجه والفكين وزراعه الاسنان

Dr. Gehan Allam

Dr.Gehan Allam


     Professor at college of Dentistry

          Ain Shams University

        Pediatric Dentistry Consultant

               استشاري طب أسنان الأطفال

Prof. Ahmed Abo ElNour

Prof.Ahmed Abo El Nour

          BDS, MSC, Ph.D

           Professor at college of Dentistry             Orthodontic Consultant

              استشاري تقويم الأسنان

Dr. Magy Hany

Dr.Magy Hany

Special Care Dentist


Dr.Mohamed ElMasry

Oral and Maxillofacial  Consultant

             استشاري جراحه الوجه والفكين 

Dr. Noury Adel

Dr.Noury Adel

          BDS, MSC 

            Facial Aesthetic  Consultant 

           استشاري تجميل الوجه


Dr.Rawan Amr

General Dentist  

                             دكتوره أسنان