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Dentists In New Cairo|Dr Mohamed Mounir|Elite Dental Clinics

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Best dentists in new Cairo in elite dental clinics new cairo
Elite Dental Clinics At HCC New Cairo

When we can regularly visit dentists?

It is preferably to visit dentist every 6 months, and dentist consultation is mandatory in case of any teeth sensitivity or discoloration. Teeth cleaning is also preferred every 6 months.

What are the factors that determine best dentists?

As there is noticeable increase in dental clinics, selection of best dentists in New Cairo is being difficult. There should be some factors that bear in mind before choosing best dentists:

  • Expert Doctors.

  • High Technology Services.

  • Infection Control measures.

  • Quality Dental treatment.

  • Digital systems.

  • Good prices in comparison with quality dental treatment.

  • Dentist near me or walk in dental clinics. Nearby dentist office is a very essential factor to determine best dentist for you.

Quality Dental Treatment

Who are the best dentists in New Cairo?

Expert Dentists can be determined by;

  • Expert Dentists can be determined b

  • Post graduates studies (Masters degree, Ph.D, fellowships, memberships)

  • Teaching Staff universities are considered as the best doctors you can rely on not only in dental field but in all medical branches too.

  • Best Dentists should show calm attitude, patiency, and professionalism. Additionally, Expert dentists should work by painless techniques and end dental treatments in single visits with perfection.

  • Dentists should discuss with patients treatment plans and different treatment modalities to achieve best results.

  • Expert dentists can create beautiful smiles that patients want through science and artistry.

  • Dentists near me and walk in dentist office are essential factors in choosing best dentists in new Cairo.

Best dentists in New Cairo At Elite Dental Clinics are

  1. Prof. Mohamed Mounir, Ph.D, Cosmetic Consultant ,Associate Professor At College of Dentistry ( MSA, Azhar, Nahda, Sinai )

  2. Prof.Ahmed Abo ElNour, Ph.D, Teeth Braces Consultant, Associate Professor Of orthodontics at College of Dentistry

  3. Prof. Gehan Allam, Ph.D, Pediatric Dental Consultant, Professor of Pedodontics At College of Dentistry( Ain Shams, British university in Cairo)

  4. Dr. Ahmed Bahaa, Ph.D, MOMS RSEd , Maxillofacial Consultant and Implantologist

  5. Dr. Magy Hany, Special Care Dentist

  6. Dr. Hatem Matar, Ph.D, Head of maxillofacial department at New Cairo Hospital

  7. Dr. Noury Adel, MSc, Facial Aesthetic Consultant

  8. Dr. Rawan Amr, Dentist

  9. Dr. Nereen AlAshwal, Dentist in Al Galaa military hospital

Which is the best dental clinic in new cairo?

In last 5 years, dental medicine has passed through technology evolution.

In Diagnosis, CT scan, digital Xrays, MRI had entered the dental and maxillofacial field to explore different tissues types abd dental problems from 3D concept. They facilitate proper diagnosis which in turn affect positively the treatment outcome.They are used in dental implants, root canal treatments, maxillofacial field, impacted teeth, and Temporomandibular joint problems.

In dental treatment, Digital Scanning, CADCAM technology, magnification by loops and microscopes are becoming very helpful.Retreatment of Root canal fillings with updated technology becomes more efficient.

At Elite Dental Clinics New Cairo, best dental center, all your family needs in one place. Meet our Elite best dentists in New Cairo

High technology in all dental branches at elite dental clinics
Digital Scanning At Elite Dental Clinics

How infection control measures can affect our decision in best dentists?

Due to covid-19 crisis, infection control measures become one of essential factors that affect our decision. Sterilization cycles, surface decontamination, hands disinfection, masks wearing, and regular check ups for dental clinics staff are mandatory in best dental clinic in new cairo.

Does price affect our decision for dentists in New Cairo?

High quality dental treatments require high prices materials, equipments and expert dentists. Prices should be compared by the quality, good prices are measured by proffessional dental treatment otherwise quality treatment will be affected.

Best dentists in new cairo Dr mohamed Mounir
Elite Dental Clinics Dr. Mohamed Mounir

Schedule your appointment now with Best Dentists in New Cairo At Elite Dental Clinics. HCC building, behind Air Force Hospital

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