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Hollywood Smile| Teeth Veneers| Gallery | Procedure| Cost| Your Complete Guide|

Updated: May 5, 2022

Best Dental veneer near me
Best Hollywood smile dental clinic near me

What is the digital smile design?

Creating beautiful smile makeover in cosmetic dentistry begins by digital smile design to explore issues that interfere with beautiful and amazing smile. Taking photos , Xrays, and full mouth impressions are mandatory to analyse the interference of beautiful and amazing smile.

What Is Hollywood Smile?

It is the golden proportion among the frontal teeth to appear attractive and beautiful. In addition to evaluation of gums relation to front teeth to appear amazing as Hollywood stars.

Does Hollywood smile means teeth veneers?

There are several ways to achieve golden proportion among teeth and consequently perform best smile makeover.

  1. Cosmetic Fillings: laminate veneers can be done by cosmetic whitish fillings instead of Emax but they render discoloration and chipping by time.

  2. Teeth whitening in case of good teeth golden proportions among frontal teeth.

  3. Teeth braces for treatment of malalignment, rotation, and spacing between frontal teeth.

  4. Laser gum recontoring to achieve best golden proportion among anterior teeth in relation to gum level.

  5. Teeth Veneers are considered as the most popular solution for achieving best results for Hollywood smile.

  6. Teeth Crowns.

Best dental veneer near me
Smile makeover at Elite Dental Clinics new cairo

How teeth veneers can be performed?

  • First, photo session, impressions and videos are taken.

  • Second, Analysis of existed teeth and gum conditions.

  • Third, Resolving the problems facing the route for golden proportions.

  • Fourth, Patient's Communication to discuss the problems and solutions for achieving best results and smile makeover outcome.

  • Fifth, Motivational Mock up or trial construction inside patient mouth for veneers to show the final outcome.

  • Last Step: Final Cementation.

Esthetic dentistry by Emax veneers
Best dental Clinic in new cairo to veneer teeth

How much time it takes for final Smile makeover by veneers?

It may take 3 - 7 successive days from first visit with our Elite Expert Prof. Mohamed Mounir.

How much is the thickness of veneers?

It varies from 0.3 - 0.5 mm in thickness. We prepare the teeth and remove from the enamel, first layer of teeth, same thickness of the veneers.

Dr mohamed Mounir, best teeth veneer near me
Cosmetic dentistry at best Hollywood smile clinics

Do the veneers harm the teeth?

If the teeth are prepared properly with minimum thickness so it will not harm the teeth because this thickness is only taken from enamel which is non sensitive and considered as protective layer for teeth.

Do veneers lasts forever?

Veneers are irreversible procedure and it lasts for 7 years without any harmful effect on teeth. After 5 - 7 years, level of gum will vary normally by aging and become receded that is why we have to change veneers afterq 7 years.

How much do Veneers cost?

In Egypt, veneers cost from 3000- 4000 EGP for each tooth. Every jaw needs from 6-8 veneers depends on the extent of smile and buccal corridor appearance when patient smiles. Price of veneers in Egypt is considered cheap in compare with other countries in Europe and Gulf areas which encourage lot of people to have a lovely vacation in Egypt and at the same time change their smile and increase their self esteem.

When we choose crowns rather than veneers in case of Hollywood smile?

If the teeth are badly broken, severely rotated, greatly spaced, and root canal treated, it will be better to crowning the frontal teeth rather than veneers construction. Crowns can withstand the force of masticatìon better than veneers in previous conditions.

What kind of materials used for veneers and crowns for frontal teeth?

E-max veneers or crowns are the best used for frontal teeth.

It provides best translucency as normal enamel in order to give natural appearance for teeth.

Best Hollywood smile price in Egypt
Best Emax veneers and crowns with Dr. Mohamed Mounir


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