Teeth Braces | Invisalign And Invisible| Indications, Differences, Prices At Elite Dental Clinics

What are teeth braces?

They are appliances that adhere to teeth surfaces by brackets to transduce force for them. Force can direct teeth in any direction based on repositioning of teeth.

What are the indications for teeth braces?

Patients that suffer from:

  • Teeth Rotation

  • Abnormal Teeth Inclination

  • Teeth Spacing

  • Abnormal bites as open and reverse bites

  • Unerupted teeth

  • Abnormal jaw growth

  • Bad Habits as tongue thrusting or thumb suckling

Teeth braces before and after at Elite dental Clinics
Teeth braces

What is the age range for teeth braces?

Surprisingly, there is no age range for wearing teeth braces. Old people as young people can correct their teeth malposition.

The difference is in time taken for correcting the improper position, in younger patients teeth new positioning takes much less time than elder patients.

The best age range for teeth movement takes place when jaws are growing, 12-20 years old earlier in females than males.

How teeth move by braces?

Based on biological rule, pressure on bone results in removal of that bone. As teeth are supported by bone and pressure exerted on teeth transmitted to bone, so removal of the bone occurs in front of teeth movement. Teeth repositioning occurs by forcing the teeth toward their new and proper position and new bone formation lies after teeth repositioning.

Do teeth braces cause pain?

At the early time, where pressure exerted on teeth, patients experience mild to moderate pain for 3- 5 days. By time, patients experience less pain everytime pressure applied on teeth.

How much time it takes for normal teeth repositioning?

It takes from 6 months to 2 years, depends on severity of teeth malposition, age of the patients, jaw relation to teeth, type of bite and spaces between teeth.

How many time patients visit teeth braces doctor?

After applying teeth braces on teeth, patients need to visit their orthodontist once or twice every month.

Teeth braces At Elite dental Clinics new Cairo
Teeth braces

What are types of teeth braces?

  • Metallic

  • Ceramic

  • Invisible or lingual

  • Invisalign

  • Removable Braces

What are the differences between metallic and ceramic braces?

Both types are adhered to frontal surface of the teeth by means of bracket. Wires are connected to brackets to align and reposition of teeth by applied forces. The difference between them is in material of brackets, metallic or tooth coloured ceramic braces.

Ceramic teeth braces at Elite dental Clinics new Cairo
Ceramic Braces

What are the invisible braces?

Instead of frontal surfaces where braces and wires are adhered in metallic and ceramic appliances , invisible braces are positioned in the behind teeth surfaces toward the tongue. They are invisible for people and many patients prefer this type of treatment.

Invisible braces at Elite dental Clinics new Cairo
Invisible or lingual braces

What is the Invisalign?

They are most updated appliances used as teeth braces. Invisalign depends on software analysis for existed teeth malposition and the way of solving by designing custom made treatment plan.

The treatment plan includes software 3-8 steps for teeth new alignment. Every step is translated by special removable appliance for 3 month to take the patient into next step, etc.... No brackets neither wires are needed, only transparent and removable appliance.

Invisalign at Elite dental Clinics new Cairo

What are the indications for Invisalign?

Limited indications for Invisalign treatment

  • one or two teeth rotation,

  • little teeth spacing,

  • Little abnormal teeth Inclination,

ONLY EXPERT ORTHODONTIST can decide Invisalign treatment outcome and choose between different types and suitable appliances for his treatment plan.

What are the prices of different types of teeth braces in Egypt?

  • Metallic ranges 20.000 - 25.000 EGP

  • Ceramic ranges 20.000 -30.000 EGP

  • Invisible ranges 25.000 - 35.000 EGP

  • Invisalign ranges 25.000 - 30.000EGP

At Elite Dental Clinics, only 30 % is paid as deposit and the rest of fees will be paid as installments every month for a year.

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